I’m a small business owner, and I owed the IRS a sum of $60,000. With this, I was being threatened by a revenue officer who was making demands for high payments. This debt was already causing trouble in my entire life, as I woke up each day with the thought that I might never be able to pay, and that it might ruin my business. Thank God for a friend who introduced me to Taxed Inc. I placed a call, and their team took action immediately; they were able to stop the IRS collection pursued by the Revenue Officer, and they helped me settle the case by paying a sum of $2,650 instead of $60,000 to the IRS. I am still dazed by this reduction. There is no way I could have done this myself.

James H.

I had always feared the IRS for their financial issues so as a company owner, I always filed tax returns timely but recently, I was behind in the payment, which led to a debt of $37,000 in payroll taxes. The next thing caused me to fear greatly – I was summoned, and asked to come with series of financial information. It was as if the next thing was jail. Out of panic, I started to look to a tax related company to rise to my aid, and I found Taxed Inc. My fear started to fade away when the agent spoke with me on how to get the case resolved. Taxed Inc. began the process by contacting the IRS, informing them that I have hired them to represent me. The next thing was good news. Taxed Inc. negotiated a payment agreement, and I was asked to pay an amount my company could afford. It was remarkable! I didn’t even play a single role after I contacted Taxed Inc. I am indeed grateful for your help.

James T.

"My friend and I run a partnership business, and we had a payroll tax liability of $55,000. Ever since, the IRS had been on our tail, pursuing collection of the delinquent taxes. At that point, we knew that there was no other option than to seek help, so we found Taxed Inc. Finding Taxed Inc. was our greatest discovery! They immediately helped us to set up a plan that allowed us to control the IRS collection, and we were able to put a stop to garnishments and levies. In the end, we settled with the IRS, paying a total sum of $6,000 to the IRS instead of $55,000. Thank you, Taxed Inc. You guys are the best!"

Ted W.

"I am a contractor, and I had not paid my tax returns for 4 years. Because of this, the IRS issued a Substitute for Returns and calculated a debt of $45,000 as my gross income. However, the IRS failed to consider that I also had business expenses. I was glad to find Taxed Inc. to help. They prepared my tax returns, which reflected all my business expenses and my tax debt was brought down to $5,500. At this point, I was able to raise some money to pay off the debt. Thanks a million guys!"

Friend J.

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