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Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Discretionary, Complex, Spendthrift Trusts

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Tax Defense, Controversy, & Resolution

Our firm is a group of independent Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys, whose primary goal is to provide stress free, trustworthy, and competent federal (IRS), state, and local tax representation.

Trust Services

Our firm in the association with the Rosen & Rosen Law Firm of Houston, Texas, can facilitate the formation of non-grantor, irrevocable, complex, discretionary, spendthrift trusts that can provide the ultimate in asset protection and tax savings. These trusts are marketed under two brands: Masters Trust and Sovereign Trusts™ – same trust format, but different target markets. These trust formats are the only trusts in the United States, that we know of, that are protected by a copyright!