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Unique tax strategies to reduce or eliminate taxes.

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Unique Insurance and Trust Products

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Tax Defense, Controversy, & Resolution

Our firm is a group of independent Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys, whose primary goal is to provide stress free, trustworthy, and competent federal (IRS), state, and local tax representation.

Trust Services

Our firm can facilitate the formation of unique trust products that can provide the ultimate in asset protection and tax savings. These trusts are marketed under the brand name Wealth Preservation Trusts. Visit out sister site at (

The IRS can garnish your wages without first getting a judgment. Client #907 had 100% of his paycheck being garnished for five weeks until we stepped in and put an end to the garnishment.

The IRS can levy your bank account on a day you least expect. Imagine a levy being placed on your account the day the mortgage or car loan is due. Client #1022 had his bank account levied on the day he was supposed to hand out payroll checks. We stepped in and prevented additional levies.

Failure to file an income tax return could be punishable by up to one year in prison for each year a return is not filed including fines. Client #810 had never filed a tax return until we stepped in and prepared all unfiled tax returns.

IRS has held there is no real resolve for a business to continue to operate when it can’t pay its payroll tax liabilities. Client #750 could not pay his past due payroll taxes and remain in business until we stepped in and helped him restructure his business.

Establishing a payment plan, of course, may be the fastest and simplest way to pay outstanding tax liabilities, but this may still require some financial disclosure. Client #959 tried to establish a payment plan. The IRS reasoned he could afford to pay $$$ until we stepped in and established a much lower payment plan than the client could have received on his own.

The process for settling IRS tax obligations is very formulaic. There is help for taxpayers who really need it. Don’t expect to settle a $100,000 tax bill for less when there is $200,000 in the bank! Client #555 owed $$$ until we stepped in and negotiated an offer of 11 cents on the dollar, which was accepted.